Board Members

Board Members
MDRA Is governed by an all volunteer board of dedicated people (not all are runners!) committed to serving the local running community. There are 14 board members with 3 officers and 6 board members up for election yearly. In years when there is a past president that position is also a voting board member. If you have an interesting in running for the MDRA board please contact Sarah at the email listed below or fill out the form in the Sept/October issue of RunMinnesota.
Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of every month at the Edina Community Center.

MDRA Officers:
Dave Marek, President
Randy Fulton, Vice President
Jenny Harrington, Secretary
Nathan Klema, Treasurer

MDRA Board Members:
Cindy Campbell, Nathan Campeau, Rochelle Christensen, Kathy Larsen, Rick Recker, Lisa Richardson, Sarah Stangl,  Dennis Barker, Kelly May, Wendy Jones

MDRA Operations Manager: Sarah McInerney