2017 MDRA Grand Prix schedule announced!

2017 MDRA Grand Prix schedule announced!
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The 2017 Minnesota Distance Running Association Grand Prix is an individual competition for members of the MDRA consisting of 13 races, in which Grand Prix registered runners compete for points toward year-end awards. Competition is conducted age groups for both male and females, 0-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85+.  Many of the Grand Prix races offer additional discounts to GP participants.  To register, mail in $5 with this REGISTRATION


Meet of the Miles – Indoor Mile January 9th 2017

Securian Winter Runs – Half Marathon January 28th 2017

O’Gara’s Irish Run 8K March 25th 2017

Get in Gear 10K April 29th 2017

Medtronic Mile May 2017 TBA

Brian Kraft 5K May 29th 2017

Grandma’s Marathon June 17th 2017

Park Point 5 Miler July 13th 2017

MDRA 15K $5 August 6th 2017

MDRA Victory 10K September 4th 2017

MDRA Jeff Winter “City of Lakes” Half Marathon September 10th 2017

Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon October 1st 2017

Rocky’s Run 6K (XC) November 5th 2017

Official Rules:

1. Cost is $5.00 for the entire series. This is above and beyond the race entry fees, and is a one-time fee paid to the MDRA. GP scoring will include only GP registrants who are registered finishers of a GP race. No retroactive registration; runners registering after Get in Gear, for example, will not be counted in Get in Gear GP results even if they ran it.

2. Entrants must be MDRA members.

3. Runners score according to their finish place out of all GP registered finishers each race. The first GP runner in each race will score 1,000 points. All others will score based upon the percentile in which the runners finish such that the middle finisher will always score 500 points. Points are awarded without regard to age or sex. In scoring races we use USATF rules (thus gun time is used rather than chip time)

4. There are 13 GP races. A runner may compete in as few or as many of the races as they choose; however, results from only 10 races will count. If a runner runs more than 10 races, only their 10 highest scores will count. Anyone running in 10 or fewer races will have all of their scores included.

5. Scores are tallied within age division for each sex. Runners do not change age divisions during the year. A runner’s division is set according to his division on the day of his first GP score. For example, a runner turning 50 on April 1 would be scored all year in the 45-49 bracket if she runs Get in Gear as a GP registrant, but would score all year in the 50-54 bracket if her first GP score is after April 1.

6. Age groups for both male and females are 0-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75- 79, 80-84, 85+. In order for an age group to exist, it must have at least two participants, and each participant must complete 2 races. In addition, in order for an individual to win an age group they must run in at least 2 races.

7. Grand Prix standing information will be on the MDRA website @ runmdra.org, and e-mailed to all participants.

8. There will be awards for each age group winner, which will be presented at the MDRA annual party held in January 2018. Also, MDRA will present a special award to anyone who participates in all 13 races. In addition, anyone participating in at least 10 of the races will get a prize.

9. The dates listed above are the probable dates, but should be reconfirmed as race day approaches

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