Announcing the year-round MDRA Polar Bears!

Announcing the year-round MDRA Polar Bears!
February 15, 2017 No Comments » News Sarah McInerney

We know you’ve all been anxiously waiting to find out what our new year-round free Saturday running group will be called. The suspense has been intense, but finally the day of the big announcement is here! Drum roll….

By an OVERWHELMING margin, you have voted to call our year-round group…MDRA Polar Bears!!

Thanks again for all the great name ideas and for taking the time to vote. In the end, it wasn’t even close. Over 75% of you selected MDRA Polar Bears as your first or second choice (over 50% had PBs as their first choice). Solar Bears had a strong showing, but still only a quarter of the support of Polar Bears. Great choice! To those that will say, “But ‘Polar Bears’ is a winter name!” I give you this adorable photo of a polar bear in a sea of flowers.

We’ll have more details on the year-round Polar Bear group in future posts, but the concept is pretty simple. We’ll continue to offer free, unsupported runs in Minneapolis and Saint Paul Saturday mornings, year-round. We will probably take March 4 off so that you can check out the MDRA Spring Marathon Training class kick-off, if you’re interested, and we’ll have our first installment of the year-round PB group on Saturday, March 11. Until then, we still have 2 more weeks of your regular PB runs, including one this Saturday. ¬†Details here!

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