Polar Bears

 Are your long runs getting lonely?  Come join us!

FREE MDRA Polar Bear Run this Saturday!

When: Saturday, August 19 at 8am
Where: Calhoun Executive Center (NW corner of Lake Calhoun). 3033 Excelsior Boulevard, Minneapolis
What: Run! As long or short as you want!
You can run as far and as long at whatever pace you like (we’re pretty laid back). We’ll start our run around Calhoun to the south, going counter-clockwise around the lake. From there, each group or individual can decide which lake or creek (well, there’s only one nearby) they’d like to do. Some options include:
Calhoun only: 3 miles
Calhoun and Harriet: 7 miles
Calhoun, Harriet and Isles: 10 miles
Calhoun, Harriet, and Cedar: 11ish miles
Calhoun, Harriet, Isles, Cedar: 14ish miles
Calhoun, Harriet, to Nokomis and back: 14ish miles

MDRA Polar Bears

It’s an all-comers, all-paces, year- round, weekly group fun run for MDRA members AND non-members alike. In other words, for ANYONE. Oh, and they’re FREE!!
  • The runs are non-supported in that there are not water stops.
  • Distance range from 3-15 miles, typically, basically, whatever you want to run. Most people run 60-90 minutes
  • We usually meet at Calhoun Exec in Minneapolis and near St. Thomas generally on alternating weeks
  • Weekly emails through the Google Group and Facebook will be sent out. Join us on FB by searching for “MDRA Polar Bears” These runs are super fun, FREE (did I mention that??) Bring a friend or 5! Spread the word!